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Battlestar's final shot

Below is a clip from the "Battlestar Galactica" midseason finale. The show, which has been uneven this season, snapped together in its last hour for an Emmy-worthy cliffhanger.

The final tracking shot that has fans reeling is not only the most pivotal moment in the show's history but is masterfully composed by director Michael Rymer, who managed to top his own "One Year Later" transition from the season two ender.

The shot is a bit like Annie Leibovitz’s "The Sopranos" key art photos, such as this one, come to life (interestingly, both "BSG" and "Sopranos" -- here and here -- have also used gaudy visual plays on "The Last Supper" for their art campaigns). Upon first viewing the shot, viewers only strain to glimpse the revealing background. But it’s the cast’s varying movements and expressions that pack the emotional punch. Even on full screen, much is lost in the grainy YouTube clip, but here goes. Spoilers abound.

And for those who switched off during the "Stargate" preview and missed the "Battlestar" teaser for the series return...